Academic Concentrations

Students have the opportunity to explore their passions and focus their academic pursuits by choosing a concentration in one of three areas, offering a distinctive path to graduation.


Global Education

With an emphasis on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development set by the United Nations, this concentration includes requirements designed for students to deeply engage in and reflect upon global academic courses, cultural events, service learning, travel immersion experiences, and an independent study. As students work to complete this concentration, they document all of their Global Ed experiences via an online portfolio of their creation. Learn more here

Social Justice

Designed for students who wish to explore issues of equity, whether focused on economics, race, gender, the environment, or any host of justice concerns, this concentration encourages students to participate in their local and global communities through activism, volunteerism, and learning. They will then be in a position to be leaders at Solebury to educate and organize. Ultimately, students passionate about a cause will be able to deepen and expand their knowledge, and share it with the Solebury community. Students are required to take a certain number of courses to fulfill the academic requirement and are expected to participate in and lead activities. These will include school-based clubs, presentations to the school community, service rooted in social justice, and a capstone project. Learn more here.


Students will go beyond the classroom offerings and dive into their STEM interests, choosing the path that works best for them to complete the requirements. This includes independent studies, networking with STEM professionals, engaging in clubs and special events, and taking a wide variety of STEM classes. Working with STEM coordinators to design a variety of challenging and engaging experiences, students will then submit the activity that they completed to keep track of their progress. We believe that STEM students should have experiences that relate the work in STEM with other departments within Solebury to make a well-rounded student while increasing the exposure of the student to STEM. Learn more here