Day Camp

At Solebury School Day Camp, we keep our campers busy with a variety of activities that build their confidence, help them learn and grow, and keep them smiling! Our staff loves spending the summer with children, and we are dedicated to making each day a time to remember and cherish. Our small size offers children the attention we feel they need, and our flexibility and extra services benefit today's parents.


Ages: rising Kindergarten to rising 7th grade
Dates: Dates: June 24-August 2, 2024, six 1-week sessions
Week 1: June 24 - June 28 
Week 2: July 1 - 5 (no camp 7/4)
Week 3: July 8 - 12
Week 4: July 15 - 19
Week 5: July 22 - 26 
Week 6: July 29 - August 2 

2024 RATES

Weekly Rate: $525 / $425 4th of July week
Aftercare: $30 per day, $125 for the week
Sign up for all 6 weeks and get $300 off the total! Use code 6WKREG
***PLEASE NOTE: $100 deposit/week is now non-refundable***

  • Monday through Friday, 9:00a.m. - 3:15p.m.
  • Lunch and two snacks provided daily
  • Campers may attend any combination of weeks
  • Campers are grouped according to grade just completed & based on enrollment
  • Camper-to-staff ratio 4:1
  • Peanut-free camp

From games and swimming to science and nature, camp-ins, special events and more, our summers are busy, exciting, and fun! 

Watch us in action to see how we spend our days...

Small Size

Campers are divided by age with a target group size of 14-18 campers. 我们的营员与工作人员的比例为4:1,以确保您的孩子将在一个他们知道的地方, understood and safe.


营员们每天在我们美丽的140英亩的校园里参加各种各样的活动. Every year we strive to provide activities based on camper preference. Some activities might include:

Swimming: Campers swim daily in Solebury's solar-heated outdoor pool. Like everything else at Solebury, 这项活动是教学(从基本游泳到初级救生)和游戏(自由游泳)的结合, pool games, and diving). The pool is always staffed by certified lifeguards.

Sports: 运动:我们相信孩子应该被允许做孩子,运动应该是有趣的! Some instruction in such sports as soccer, wiffleball, and basketball will be combined with games new and old.  这方面的一些例子是“夺旗”、“踢圆锥体”和一直很受欢迎的“红色漫游者”!

Art: We let kids' imaginations run wild! 营员们学习绘画、绘画、雕刻——但最主要的是,他们学会了从艺术中获得乐趣!

Flex: 这个活动有时会让露营者一起工作,因为他们学习如何作为一个团队解决问题, 有时他们会做一些个人活动,比如制作友谊手镯,有时他们会在这段时间里表达自己想做的事情.  This is why it’s called “Flex”! It’s flexible in terms of what they do and how they choose to do it!


Special Events for Summer 2024

Because we have campers who only spend a portion of their summer with us, we host an event/theme each week so that each week is special!

从水实验到才艺表演再到我们的年度露营(针对年长的露营者), some of the special events are Solebury School Day Camp traditions, others will be new to our veteran campers.

Week 1: June 24-28, 2024
Wet and Wacky Week 

“Wet and Wacky” certainly sums up Week One at Solebury Day Camp. Water balloon fights, special pool games, 校园里到处都是洒水装置,甚至还有一个超级古怪的泡沫派对,这是露营者们最喜欢的一周之一! Watch out for the Directors who may get you with a super soaker! 

Week 2: July 3-7, 2023 (no camp 4th of July)

加入我们,开始我们希望将成为另一个最受欢迎的营地传统! 本周我们将在4天内庆祝一年的假期,因为我们在7月4日少了一天. 露营者可以期待万圣节服装游行和不给糖就捣蛋, a Thanksgiving lunchtime banquet, a Winter Wonderland celebrating December holidays, Valentines and more! 

Week 3: July 8-12, 2024
Special Visitors Week

这周我们将有一些特别的访客带领我们进行一些超级有趣的活动! In previous years this has included Stuart the Magician (a camp favorite), Housel Fun and Fitness and The Franklin Institute. 今年的特别游客仍在待定,但保证会带来一大堆乐趣!

Week 4: July 15-19, 2024
Talent Show Week 

This event is one of the highlights of the Summer! Those who wish can showcase their talents for the rest of the camp. Younger campers usually perform together as a group with their counselors. 鼓励所有人参与,即使是观众也可以享受这个令人敬畏的活动!!

Week 5: July 22-26, 2024
Camp In Week (7/26)

On Friday of this week, 四组及以上的营员在传统的露营日结束后被邀请留下来参加我们的年度露营活动! 活动包括寻宝游戏、自由游泳、篝火、雪堆、舞会和户外电影. Pick up is at 9:30.  对于年轻的露营者,本周我们确保有一些特别的户外活动,包括smores和更多适合年龄的“露营”乐趣!

Week 6: July 29-August 2, 2024
Spirit Week 

各种特殊的日子,包括团体比赛日和运动衫日,以我们的2天达到高潮, all-camp Olympics. 我们将以一个特别的露营者聚会来结束这个赛季,在那里我们表达我们对又一个夏天的感激, watch a slideshow of our great memories and say our goodbyes :(

Our Staff

Our staff includes teachers, counselors, and a camp nurse. 工作人员是由营地联合主任朱莉·莱恩和莱拉·克鲁克斯精心挑选的, who have been with Solebury School Day Camp for a combined 21 years. 我们选择的辅导员分享我们对孩子的爱,并致力于为他们提供一个有趣和有教育意义的夏天. Most of our staff have been with the camp since they were campers!

Extra Services for Today's Busy Families


Food is included. 我们每天为营员提供一份冷热午餐(多种选择)和两份小吃. We are a peanut-free camp . 我们为孩子们提供一系列的选择,包括素食和非素食主菜, an extensive salad and sandwich bar, sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches (the campers who like PB&J love it), and a variety of fresh fruit. Morning fruit-based snack and afternoon ice cream/popsicles provided!

Aftercare is an option. We offer afternoon care until 5:30 p.m. for an additional $30 per day or $125 per child per week. 如果你知道你使用它的频率,你可以预先支付这项服务, or you may use it on an as-needed basis and pay throughout the summer.

 A Flexible Enrollment Policy. We allow families to enroll from just one week through six weeks of camp. We have a core group of campers (80 or so) who are here for all six weeks, 我们有很多家庭把我们作为他们暑期计划的一部分.

The registration fee includes all activities and trips, insurance, materials, lunch and snacks, and a T-shirt for each child. A deposit of $100 per week for each camper is due with registration. All camp payments are due May 1, 2023. 任何未全额支付的露营者将被没收他们的押金,并将失去他们在营地的位置.


  • Full registration refunds minus $100 deposit will be granted up to May 1
  • Withdrawal from camp between May 2-May 15: 75% fee returned
  • Withdrawal from camp between May 15-June 15: 50% fee returned
  • Withdrawal from camp after June 15: no refund